The image above is an example of: (1 correct answer)

Question 6 options:

Work Centers


Operation Instructions

Bill of Material

Production Resource Tools

Product Routings

Characteristics or examples of Production Resource Tools are (4 correct answers)

Question 7 options:


Calibration instruments

Bills of Materials

Movable objects required for production.

Shared among different work centers.


In the production process, several steps related to production are completed periodically. This is periodic processing or period-end closing. Periodic processing includes the following: (3 correct answers)

Question 8 options:

Creating a balance sheet.

Overhead allocation

Creating an income statement

Work-in-process determination

Order settlement

A Bill of Material (BOM) can contain different types of items, which are distinguished by the item category. The item category identifies the type of material and influences how the material is to be used in the BOM. Common item categories include all of the followingEXCEPT: (2 correct answers)

Question 9 options:

Validity Dates Item. Dates that the material is valid for.

Stock item. Material for which stock or inventory is maintained.

Non-stock item. Material for inventory is not maintained.

Document item. Documents such as engineering drawings, assembly instructions and photographs.

Variable-size item. Material that is available in different sizes.

Status Item. Identifies if the material is active or inactive.

Question 11

The final step in the production process is order completion. Which of the following are true with regards to the completion step: (2 correct answers)

Question 11 options:

From a logistics perspective a production order is set to a technically complete (TECO) status when it is no longer necessary or possible to continue with production.

Once the order is completed the planned amount of material is scrapped.

Upon order completion no reports can be run.

Upon order completion all staff are laid off.

From an accounting perspective after a production order has been completed and settled it is set to a status of closed (CLSD). After the order is closed not further processing or financial posting are possible.

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