please provide unique amswer
IV) In enlargement to its enterprise associated honors, the corporation “Kaiser Permanente” has likewise gotten many honors for the character of the medical care it gives to customers. What are the ramifications of such acknowledgment on the nature of labor life at the agency? 3)show how an advertiser ought to make use of neuromarketing to propel the purpose for his object. you can utilize any model you make a decision to your exhibit.
b.What moral speculations and requirements practice inside the choice to restriction the usage of conceptive innovations? Do you concur with those hypotheses/requirements for this case? clarify your concerns.
2)Write a contextual research with the aid of deciding on an affiliation of your decision. The contextual analysis have to cope with no less than one capability of BPR direction content material Kindly answer with importance to BPR direction content material. a good deal favored.

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