list 5 reasons why message is not persuasive and give suggestions for how the messages could be improved.

Message 10B

We know how awful dining hall food can be, and that’s why we’ve developed the “Mealaweek Club.” Once a week, we’ll deliver food to your dormitory or apartment. Our meals taste great. We have pizza, buffalo wings, hamburgers and curly dies, veggie roll ups, and more.

When you sign up for just six months, we will ask what day you want your delivery. We’ll ask you to fill out your selection of meals. And the rest is up to us! At “Mealsaweek,” we deliver! ANd payment is easy. We accept Mastercard and Visa or a personal check. It will save money especially when compared with eating out.

Just fill out the enclosed card and indicate your method of payment. As soon as we approve your credit or check, we’ll begin delivery. Tell all your friends about Mealsaweek, we’re the best idea since sliced bread.

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