Many companies use email to advertise their products. Your company is trying to sell a new product and is advised to use email. All the email addresses are of people who have agreed to receive promotional email about products such as the one you try to sell. The profit on each unit sold is $200. Developing the attractive email message, use of 2,750,000 email addresses, and sending the message would cost $25,000. Experience shows that 5 percent of the initial recipients forward such messages to friends and family. Experience also shows that 2 percent of all recipients actually click the web address included in the message and visit the commercial site. Of these visitors, 0.5 percent end up purchasing the advertised item. Using Microsoft Excel or another spreadsheet, answer the following questions: (1) Would you generate a profit if you used this advertising opportunity? (2) Would you profit if you could email only 1,000,000 people? Develop a rationale for integrating social media into the email initiative. How can the integration of social media be used along with a direct email campaign? Research the strategy of various businesses as a model for your recommendations.

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