The COVID-19 pandemic has created tremendous fad and uncertainty, affecting the mental health of all employees worldwide, business and enterprise. Due to the novel, coronavirus employees working remotely and the worries around the global economic recession will continue to produce an MNCs operating is more uncertain. In their stress-induced, cognitively reduced state, employees will have difficulty working effectively in different countries, especially foreign companies working across the world and with employees from different cultures, especially in situations of great unfamiliarity. There is not enough information to address for even greater novelty and more uncertainty during and post-pandemic. Based on knowledge from the IHRM and CHRM literature, HRM practices, especially selections, training, performance appraisal, and compensating foreign employees and work-life balance and support practices, can positively alleviate the concerns of top management direction.

The covid-19 pandemic affected global employees’ well-being, financial and economic situation, production capacity, and overall industry capability across the world and the working environment in each country very gravely. Due to Covid- 19 Pandemic, global organizations are facing much ambiguity. Organizations have to make a lot of new regulations at their factory and workplace. At the same time, employees are struggling with the feeling of uncertainty, their well-being. The HR professionals considered change agents to have a crucial role as they are well connected with employees and management.

Due to New Norms of working like social distance, safety precautions, hygiene protocols, quarantine and isolation of employees, etc., the HR department has to revise and redesign the earlier formulated policies and organization roles and policy worldwide.

The HR department comes across corporation employees, namely engaging employees, keeping their morale, restoring their productivity, and business survival and growth worldwide. The global HR department displayed and executed employee agility, inspiration, and a flexible working environment to protect the pandemic. As the norm of the workforce was remote working, almost overnight HR department converted the brick and mortar offices into virtual workplaces. The nature and spread of this virus indicating that this work setting will remain as a norm for at least a year. This will affect different HRM practices across the world. The operational policies of the organization will get change. HR should be prepared to deal with the consequences. Remote work policy is one form of challenge in which an organization allows the employee to work from everywhere except the workplace. In addition, post- covid- 19 Human capital and HR Professionals have to face a mental health challenge, employee engagement, retaining the employee.

On the other hand, Eastern (Japanese and Chinese) experiences may be crucial for Bangladesh in this milieu. Bangladesh may find many valuable lessons from Eastern experiences, which may help solve her economic problems.

The work culture of China is strongly influenced by specific traditional Chinese cultural values like harmonious relationships and Confucianism values of HRM style. These values focus on harmonious relationships between the employers, employees, and Communism Government. In China, HRM practices are primarily based on kequi or maintaining good relationships. Even Government encourages more labor-intensive production who is the master of the house by providing high authority and power

to negotiations of all factory and production-related rules and regulations to the top authority. However, the concept of a job-for-life tradition may be diminishing but still has an important place in the Chinese psyche of HRM practices. In addition, centralized decision-making and recognition of hierarchy is another practice that originated from Confucius beliefs that encourages respecting seniors. Chinese employees are group orientation and remain part of a group, team, or unit. To distinguish between insiders and outsiders, China has developed distinct characteristics among themselves due to collectivist culture. The concept of guanxi or personal relation deals with mutual favors and string pullings between organizations and authorities.

Japanese HRM, particularly its family business style, high values of moral ( BUSHIDO), consensus decision making, WA relationship-oriented approach of business cultural development, lifelong employment system, Seniority based hierarchy, enterprise- based unionism, bonus sharing scheme, employment of the total person, On the Job Training, Quality Control Circle (QCC), Just in Time method for all employees, respect for interpersonal harmony, quality control circle, zero defects campaign(Poka Yuke), paternalistic human behavior, participative human resource management, etc., have drawn the attention of people all over the world. Numbers of studies have their merits in demonstrating that Eastern-style human resource management systems work rather well within the given countries transplants. However, few studies were attempted regarding how Japanese companies could increase their overseas operations effectiveness by transferring their parent system of HRM to South Asia, especially Bangladesh. The present scenario between human resource management strategy and efficient firm performance has been extensively documented in South Asia, especially Bangladesh. The HRM system is now looked upon as fundamental management competence, which can contribute much to a company competitiveness. You must analyze and brainstorm the following measures:

Q.1. What can Eastern ( Chinese and Japanese) Multinationals subsidiaries and joint ventures operating a business in Bangladesh do to enter complex judgments during the pandemic to help employees better expectations and perceptions of difficulty about the expanded business in Bangladesh? Justify your answer based on comparative HRM course learning outcomes. ( 20 marks)

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