Given the contribution made on each of the three products in the following table and their position in the life cycle, identify a reasonable operations strategy for each: Product Company Contribution Contribution (%: total annual (% of contribution divided Position in Product selling price) by total annual sales) Life Cycle Notebook computer 30 10 Decline Palmheld computer 30 50 Introduction Hand calculator 50 40 Growth Identify possible strategies for the notebook computer. (Mark all that apply.) DA. Attempt to innovate high-volume production B. Attempt to develop an improved product O C. Increase capacity D. Consider terminating production Identify possible strategies for the palmheld computer. (Mark all that apply.) A. Consider terminating production B. Modify and improve the production process C. Develop supplier and distribution systems OD. Improve cost control for profitability and market share Identify possible strategies for the hand calculator. (Mark all that apply.) A. Attempt to develop an improved product DB. Increase capacity C. Consider terminating production D. Attempt to make production facilities more efficient
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