As an option gets closer to its expiration date,

Group of answer choices

intrinsic value must increase

time value decays

intrinsic value must decrease

time value increases

Question 10

Which is true?

Group of answer choices

Some options have intrinsic value, but don’t have any time value

Some options have no intrinsic value and no time value

Some options have time value, but don’t have any intrinsic value

All out of the money options have intrinsic value

Question 11

Options expire

Group of answer choices

in the month following the underlying futures contract

in the same month as the underlying futures contract

whenever the buyer and seller of the option agree to schedule the expiration

in the month prior to the underlying futures contract month

Question 12

Puts that have strike prices below the future price are

Group of answer choices

out of the money

at the money

beside the money

in the money

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