ofregate demand forecast in thousands of ters) for a liquid cold medicine Month Demand January 240 360 March 85 April 35 20 June 9 July 3 August 10 September 32 October 65 November 115 December 150 The times normal production rate of 60 thousand liter per month, and the initial inventory is so thousand liters Inventory holding costs are 132 per 1.000 per month wartime production costs are $400 per 1,000 liters. Overtime costs an additional 15 percent, and undertime costs an additional 12 percent that there are no lost sales or rate change costs. Use the Agg Plan – Level and Age Pas Chase Excel templates to compute the cost of a vel production of 60 thousand liter per month and a chase demand production plan. Round all cost values to the nearest cent and all other answers to there whole number. Do not round intermediate calculations. If your answer is rero, entero Level production Demand (1,000) Cumulative Demand (1.000) Production (1,000) Cumulative Product Availability (1,000) Ending Inventory (1,000) Sales (3.000) Month an February March 166 April
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