What includes support value activities and primary value activities and is used to determine how to create the greatest possible value for customers?

Group of answer choices

Supplier power.

Operations management.

Porter’s Five Forces Model.

The Value Chain analysis.

2. What is a category of AI that attempts to emulate the way the human brain works?

Group of answer choices

Intelligent system

Artificial intelligence

Expert systems

Neural network

3. Which of the following is not a reason for the explosive growth of the WWW?

Group of answer choices

Basic Web pages are easy to create and extremely flexible

The microcomputer revolution made it possible for an average person to own a computer

Digital Darwinism

The speed, convenience, and low cost of email

4. What are the three primary models that a B2C can use to operate?

Group of answer choices

Click-and-brick, click-and-mortar, pure-play

Brick-and-mortar, click-and-mortar, virtual

Brick-and-mortar, click-and-consumer, virtual-and-consumer

Brick-and-click, brick-and-mortar, brick-and-virtual

5. What includes threats, negative remarks, or defamatory comments transmitted via the Internet or posted on the website?

Group of answer choices




Competitive click-fraud

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