Successful business organisations should take actions to convert internal weaknesses into __________ and external threats into __________.

a. strengths; core competencies

b. core competencies; strengths

c. opportunities; strengths

d. strengths; opportunities

e. opportunities; core competencies


Kylie Cosmetics believes that sales of one of its lipstick lines have fallen because of the introduction of a new lipstick line by a competitor, but it wants to make this tentative hypothesis more specific before proceeding. Kylie Cosmetics should conduct:

a. hypothesis testing.

b. experimental research.

c. conclusive research.

d. descriptive research.

e. exploratory research.


When Janine goes to the first class of her International Marketing course, she finds out that in addition to the textbook she has already purchased, she will need a copy of the book The European Union. At which stage of the consumer decision-making process is Janine?

a. Problem recognition

b. Evaluation of alternatives

c. Information search

d. Pre-purchase evaluation

e. Purchase


Primary data are best described as the:

a. data that are compiled for some purpose other than the study in question.

b. first batch of data collected for a specific study.

c. data that are observed, recorded or collected directly from subjects.

d. data that are collected inside and outside an organisation for some purpose other than the current investigation.

e. data that are necessary for a correct decision.

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