MidwayuSA Hits the Target with Innovation Aimed at Quality

“MidwayUSA Hits the Target with Innovation Aimed at Quality” (p. 517) and its related Challenge Case Summary were written to help you understand the management concepts contained in this appendix. Answer the following discussion questions about the Challenge Case to explore how the concepts of creativity and innovation can be applied in a company such as MidwayUSA.

1.Is creativity or innovation more important to MidwayUSA’s management in addressing the desire to improve process quality? Explain fully.

2.If you were Larry Potterfield, what are two organizational systems that you could establish to encourage organization member creativity? Be as specific as possible. Why are these systems important to the future success of MidwayUSA?

3.List three creative ideas based on your TQM expertise that, if implemented, would ensure MidwayUSA’s future success. Be sure to explain how each idea would contribute to that success.

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