A recent report from a health-concerns study indicated that there is strong evidence of a nation’s overall health decay if the percent of obese adults exceeds 28%. In addition, if the low-income preschool obesity rate exceeds 13%, there is great concern about long-term health. You are asked to conduct an analysis to determine if the U.S. population exceeds that rate. Your analysis is restricted to those counties in the following states: California, Michigan, Minnesota, and Florida. Conduct your analysis for each state. To do this, you will first need to obtain a subset of the data file using the capabilities of your statistical analysis computer program. Use the data file Food Nutrition Atlas as the basis for your statistical analysis. Variable descriptions are located in the chapter appendix. Prepare a rigorous analysis and a short statement that reports your statistical results and your conclusions. Nutrition Research–Based Exercises The Economic Research Service (ERS), a prestigious think tank research center in the U.S. Department of Agriculture, is conducting a series of research studies to determine the nutrition characteristics of people in the United States. This research is used for both nutrition education and government policy designed to improve personal health. See for example, Carlson, A, et al. 2010. The data file HEI Cost Data Variable Subset contains considerable information on randomly selected individuals who participated in an extended interview and medical examination. There are two observations for each person in the study. The first observation, identified by daycode = 1, contains data from the first interview and the second observation, daycode = 2, contains data from the second interview. This data file contains the data for the following exercises. The variables are described in the data dictionary in the Chapter 10 appendix.

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