Unit 2: Discussion 1 – Establishing Credibility and Projecting a Professional Image

Part 1

Credibility has to do with trust! Using the “Establishing Your Credibility” characteristics outlined on page 134 of your textbooks (2021, 15th edition; or page 130 in the 2018 version) complete one or more of the tasks listed to reach 150 of your own words:

1) pick a company you do business with and explain how the company builds credibility with their clients/customers;

2) pick a company you work for now or have worked for and with–to show how it builds credibility with customers/clients and employees,

3) pick a company you know of or work for, or one you’d like to own in the future, and show how you would build credibility with your clients, or

4) pick a company that needs to improve credibility-building, and describe the current practices and how they need to change to build more trust with customers and clients.

Use the key words below as you talk about one of the ways credibility is established and use concrete details (exact situations or examples) to show how this accomplished. Please bold or color code your use of the key words–and use at least 2 of them in your post.

  • Honesty
  • Objectivity
  • Awareness of audience needs
  • Credentials, knowledge and expertise
  • Endorsements
  • Performance
  • Sincerity
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