Create a detailed employee and candidate engagement plan for the next three years for Vodafone so all our employees from various personas and candidates are equally engaged. Key aspect for your engagement plan will be to transform the culture of _VOIS to easily accommodate the Future Ready changes. Also, how will you measure the success of the created plan and how it is affecting the sentiment of the candidates and employees. • Short Term Plan: Start by building an initial one year plan from when we start the implementation of The Future Ready Plan, to support us stabilise into the new reality. • Long Term Plan: Next, create a three year longer-term plan to help mature our culture whilst keeping everyone engaged and actively contributing to embedding the new Future Ready ways of working. Think of how to involve our managers in building the future of work at _VOIS and what their role needs to be. While shaping the engagement plan for building our culture at _VOIS, do factor that we are a global organisation with more than 25,000 employees spread across 5 countries, having different nationalities, genders, races, ages etc

THE FUTURE OF WORK POST THE THREE YEARS: Based on your engagement and culture plan, how do you imagine the future of work will after these three years? What will be some of the key learnings from the Future Ready programme and what new trends will _VOIS need to either adapt to or set? Imagine a futuristic view of the working patterns and the adopted business trends that _VOIS should be considering after three years from now. Plan this while taking into consideration three main aspects, the take-aways that we may get three years after adopting the Future Ready programme, your presented engagement and culture plan, as well as the other market trends that started to appear recently. Below are some of the new market trends which you can explore. Do feel free to add in any other trend you would recommend for _VOIS based on your own research and analysis: • Go deskless: Future Ready workspaces will no longer have any ‘concentration’ space, there will only be space to collaborate and innovate. • Indefinite remote working: Implement indefinite remote working and reduce all dependencies to access the office. This will require technology and data security advancements to ensure effective, as well as safe, secure and compliant work. • Work location agnostic : Enable employees to work from any location and decide if they want to work at any workspace.

About _VOIS India In 2009, _VOIS started operating in India and now has established global delivery centres in Pune, Bangalore and Ahmedabad. With more than 13,000 employees, _VOIS India supports global markets and group functions of Vodafone and delivers best-in-class customer experience through multifunctional services in the areas of Information Technology, Networks, Business Intelligence and Analytics, Digital Business Solutions (Robotics & AI), Customer Operations (Consumer & Enterprise), Intelligent Operations, Finance Operations, Supply Chain Operations and HR Operations and more.

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