In 2008 a web site called HYPERLINK “http://www.eightmaps. Com” arose which held the names, addresses and maps of individuals who made donations to support a proposal in the U.S. called Proposition 8 that supported gay marriage. The map was a “mashup” that used Google maps and publicly available donor lists. What if someone used publicly available donor lists to create maps to homes of people who supported gun laws or abortion? Is the use of data in this way unethical or illegal? Support your answer. 5. The Electronic Frontier Foundation ( has a mission of protecting rights and promoting freedom in the “electronic frontier.” Review the organization’s suggestions about how to protect your online privacy and summarize what you can do to protect yourself. 6. Access your university’s guidelines for ethical computer and Internet use. Are there limitations as to the types of websites that you can visit and the types of material you can view? Are you allowed to change the programs on the lab computers? Are you allowed to download software from the lab computers for your personal use? Are there rules governing the personal use of computers and email?

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