Scenario A Dave Docket, the installation manager at Kleen Waterproofing, has been receiving customer complaints that several crewmembers either come late to the job or they do not show up at all, without any communication with the customers. The job completion dates keep getting delayed and customer dissatisfaction keeps increasing. Dave has also just hired several new employees who are motivated, able to perform their jobs, and have adequate resources. However, they are not sure what tasks are included in their job. Dave is wondering how he can understand what is going on with his crew behavior and what he can do to improve the situation.

According to the MARS model, the new employees Dave has hired will likely Select one: a. emphasize the utilitarianism principle in their decision making. b. have lower job performance due to poor role perceptions. c. have better job performance because they are motivated and able to perform the work. d. have above-average organizational citizenship. e. have a high degree of differentiation according to Holland’s classification of occupations.

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