I recently purchased a Samsung Android phone and several heavy-duty jackets. The need for a new phone was since mine was outdated and no longer functioning as it should have. The heavy jackets purchase was prompted by the fact that winter was on its way and I hence needed to have products that would help me survive the snow and the lower temperatures. The two purchases are proof that there were uncontrollable factors that triggered the problem recognition in two contexts. For the phone, the context was the actual state which is the state of mind, where a person already knows their feelings and needs at present. The second context is the desired state of mind, where a person wants to sense or be at the anticipated situation in the present time. For example, the heavy jackets I bought were in anticipation of something likely to come soon hence I had to make the purchasing decision at the current time.

Problem recognition plays a major role consumer decision-making process in that it helps in identifying the need for a certain product or service. Once a consumer recognizes a need, then he/she tends to gather further information regarding how best to fulfill the want. This internal stimulus comes from within, where it includes basic impulses such as hunger, or the need to change a lifestyle, hence prompting a need for making a certain decision regarding making a purchase. The problem recognition hence plays a major role in making a decision, since a consumer will first have to identify whether there is a need to be on hold of certain products before deciding whether to buy them or not.

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