Robert Spann lived in his house until he died. His daughter, Karen Spann Grande, became the administrator of the estate. She and her sister knew that their dad kept a lot of money, jewelry, and other valuables hidden in cans and other strange places around the house. Over the course of seven years, they found stocks, bonds, and hundreds of militarystyle ammunition cans, some of which contained cash and gold, hidden in the house. They eventually sold the dilapidated house to Jennings and McCallum, who hired Randy Bueghly and his company to remodel it. Shortly after starting working on the house, a company employee, Cuen, found some ammo cans full of cash in the house and gave it to Bueghly, who said nothing to the owners. Cuen eventually told the new owners. The new owners sued to get the money. The sisters found out about the case and joined the action. In court, Bueghly claimed the money as the finder of abandoned property. Jennings claimed the right to the money because it was abandoned property on their land, and the Grande sisters claimed the property was mislaid and therefore should be returned to the estate. How do you believe the court decided this case and why?

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