In whichone of the following situations would it be legal for the parties to strike?

a.The A.F.I.O., a union, was approached by a group of employees working for ACME

Ltd. to see if they would organize thework force and unionize it. When the employer discovered this fact he fired that group of workers and the rest went out on strike.

b.The A.F.I.O., the properly certified bargaining agent for the employees of Ace

Manufacturing Ltd., were demanding an unreasonably high wage settlement from the employer, one which would bankrupt the firm if accepted. The employer refused to agree to this and the employees remained without an agreement and went out on strike.

c.A collective agreement was in place between Ace Manufacturing Ltd. and itsemployees

and that agreement was breached by the employer resulting in the employees going out on strike.

d.Ace Manufacturing Ltd. made armaments and some were sold in the Middle East. When the employees found this out they went out on strike demanding that the practice stop.

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