Your classes were recently involved in Multidisciplinary Real Life Business Case Projects (MRLBCPs) in Five different groups for Five different Real Life Companies (Emmlet Calabash, Presbyterian Bookshop, Voltic Ghana Ltd., Odo Rice, and Acquah Fresh Ghana Ltd.) Based on your participation in your MRLBCP and presentations in class in connection with these projects, and reading of the various reports, answer the following questions: i. Did you regret your involvement in these projects (both field works and classroom presentations and discussions), or you did not regret? Present your creative and critically constructive arguments. (7 Marks) ii. If your MRLBCP was an exercise for GLOBESOL to test and experiment a service of mobilizing diverse teams of university students to address real life business challenges for companies, what is your assessment of the desirability for this service in the Ghanaian market based on your experiences and your project reports/presentations and from the perspectives of the real life companies involved, and other companies? What is the need of your MRLBCP case company? Argue whether this business will be viable and feasible. (15 Marks). iii. Identify the general challenges GLOBESOL might face in furthering the development of his business idea and making a final entry into the market. How should GLOBESOL overcome them?
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