Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods and further entry into the grocery business is noteworthy. Which of the following related statements is false?

A. Most of the “goodwill” entailed with Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods is linked to actual operation of the business.

B. At the time of the Whole Foods acquisition, the then current CEO was not replaced.

C. Whole Foods employees are known for being well-trained, and turnover is low relative to most competitors.

D. Amazon has linked its “Prime Member” offerings to delivering Whole Food groceries at no cost to associated “Prime Members”.

2. Which of the following is true if Amazon’s Web Services (AWS)?

A. Firms that leverage cloud solutions such as AWS do so without any loss of related control.

B. AWS enables firms to shift from a highly variable cost structure to larger, fixed-cost investments.

C. To maintain appropriate segregation of duties in their business, Amazon does not use its AWS services internally.

D. AWS provides most of Amazon’s corporate profit.

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