Project Integration Management Highlight the correct answer in Green. (1 mark each) 1. What is the purpose of identifying milestones? A. To keep track of your business B. To help keep track of the project at every stage C. To speed up the work process D. To delegate all tasks to others 2. There are five project management processes that allow projects to move from start to completion. Which one of the following is not one of the project management process groups? A. Initiating B. Planning C. Communicating D. Closing 3. Which of the project management processes is progressively elaborated? A. Planning B. Communicating C. Contract administration D. Closing 4. The ongoing process of project planning is also known as: A. Constant integration management B. Rolling wave planning C. Continuous planning D. None of the above 5. You have requested that several of the stakeholders participate in the different phases of the project. Why is this important? A. It prevents scope creep B. It allows for scope constraints C. It improves the probability of satisfying the customer requirements D. It allows for effective communication
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