Which of the following examples show the use of space?

  • In the sentence “I want more flexibility in my schedule,” Naomi emphasizes the word “I.”

  • Grayson arrives at the meeting five minutes late.

  • Terza stands farther away from Ralph than she would with most coworkers because she doesn’t trust him.

  • Eli attends the seminar wearing a bright red tie and a dark blue suit to show his professionalism.

  • At times, Melanie makes dramatic gestures during her presentation to emphasize certain points.

Which of the following is an example of back-channeling?

  • As Mariana talks about a new product line, Nina nods often to show she is listening.

  • As Yadiel talks about the company’s profit margin, Deshawn infers that Yadiel is disappointed with the margin.

  • After Rafael talks about a marketing technique, Skyler repeats what she thinks Rafael is saying.

  • As Faye talks about the company’s goals for next year, Ignacio strains to hear what she is saying.

  • After Moriah talks about the company’s holiday party, Susan tries to recall the main points Moriah made.

Which of the following statements about negotiation is true?

  • Once you have gotten what you want, try pushing to see what else you can get.

  • If a negotiation does not look financially advantageous to your audience, they may lose interest.

  • Audiences are more likely to negotiate if they think that all of the outcomes will benefit you.

  • When negotiating, you should keep your focus solely on how the negotiation can benefit you.

  • You should never walk away from a negotiation.

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