This project can be done individually or in a group you form yourself. Each group member’s name, student number, and a description of their contribution must appear on the title page. The output of your planning is in the form of a presentation deck, which at least one member of your group will present to the class as a whole. Take a look at the marketing plan due as well on 16 November: these two projects go together and are for the same marketing situation.
You are introducing a new line of shoes. Your company already has a position in the shoe market, but it is not the market leader — it’s just one of the players you compete with. This simulation effort will require you to research those competitors, figure out what customers might be seeking (feature selection), determine your pricing and distribution, and how you will promote the new line (advertising, events, sponsorships, etc.). Senior management expects that you will be able to make a 2% return on the marketing investment in the first year, and at least a 10% return in the second year.
So your presentation has to cover the new shoe product, the market research, the customer value proposition, pricing, distribution channels, promotion, and the financial model (revenues expected, costs, expected profits).
The presentation deck must be submitted before class starts on 16 November. All decks will be made available to the class so they can discuss the various projects. Presentations will be made on both 16 and 23 November.

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