The Diamond Dogs Company is trying to schedule production of two very popular figures for the next three months: “Shalashaska” and “The Big Boss”. Information about both figures is given below.

toy begin invty. June 1st Required Plastic Required time Production cost Production cost
Shalashaska 25 5 2 12 1
The Big Boss 55 4 3 14 1.2
Summer Schedule Plastic Available Time Available Monthly Demand Shalashaka Momthly Demand The BIg Boss
June 3500 2100 220 450
July 5000 3000 350 700
August 4800 2500 600 520

Inventory cost will be levied on any items in inventory on June 30, July 31, or August 31 after demand for the month has been satisfied. Your model should make use of the relationship

Beginning Inventory + Production – Demand = Ending Inventory

Let Pij = number of toy i to produce in month j

Sij = surplus (inventory) of toy i at end of month j

Formulate the demand constraints only for each product in each month using the above relationship using the same variables notations given Pij and Sij (Hint: you should have 6 constraints)

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