Questions :

1A)Discuss “free speech” and how it is protected in the Amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

1B) Write a detailed scenario that demonstrates when an individual’s speech may constitute a criminal offense?

2A) Discuss the “Proportionality Principle” and how it can be used during an appeal to a higher court based on the Eighth Amendment?

2B) Write a detailed scenario in which you are the defense attorney in the case. Your client has been found guilty and sentenced to 15 years in state prison for armed robbery, first offense. Appeal this case to an appellate court based on the proportionality principle.

3A) Discuss the specifics regarding “witness immunity”?

3B) Discuss the specifics regarding “use immunity”?

3C) Write a detailed scenario in which a witness in a criminal homicide trial has been granted “use immunity.” Describe three or more criminal facts disclosed by the witness while on the witness stand? Can the witness be charged?

4A) Discuss the use of force when defending property?

4B) Write a detailed scenario in which the victim of a “strong armed robbery,” no weapon present, defends themselves against this attack, be specific!

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