• Every workplace on the planet has good and bad policies, human behavior, and difficult situations that impact the daily life of people in it and the people around it (customers, clients, local community).

  • In this section you will describe a specific situation that you consider to be an ongoing problem in your immediate work environment. This situation is ongoing and specific.

  • This is a problem that disrupts daily work, negatively impacts individual performance, hurts the development of a positive work culture, etc.

  • Use the fundamentals of situation description using a Who, What, Where, When, and Why approach.

  • Be as specific as possible (use action verbs to describe behavior, give a picture of the setting so others can “see” it.

  • Spend the least amount of energy on the Why for now – that is the basis of your ROB Project research inquiry.

  • WHERE:

    • Describe the general setting in which the issue is occurring. Be as specific as possible. Company type, size, location, business, industry, customer type, etc.

    • Describe the specific setting location (office, remote work location, etc)

  • WHAT:

    • Describe the specific problem that is occurring. Give as much detail as possible.

    • Begin with What should be happening according to Company Policy, Employee Training, the Manual, the Procedures, etc.

    • What is NOT happening (and is causing the problem).

    • HO:

      • Who are the Main Actors in this situation. Limit this to those only directly involved, the decision-makers.

      • Identify the Main Actors by title and brief description (years experience, leadership style, etc)

      • Describe your own involvement in this situation. What responsibility do you have? What have you been doing so far?

    • WHEN:

      • How long has this situation been occurring? How often does it occur (daily, weekly, monthly)?

    • WHY:

      • Whose responsibility is it to rectify the problem situation?

      • What is being done or not being done to rectify the situation?

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