Dana Just got a Job as an assistant in a new federal agency called the Audit Commisslon that was set up to regulate the accounting and auditing profession. The agency is headed by commissloners who serve for flxed terms and cannot be removed except for cause. Additionally, no more than a majority of the commissloners may be from the same political party. Her agency is getting ready to Issue rules. The enabling legislation that set up the Audit Commisslon specified that the agency could make rules but sald nothing about the form of the rules. Dana’s boss, Ben, gave her some proposed rules and asked her to be sure that they were published and to take care of the next step In the approval process. Ben also told her that at this polnt he was not very Interested In hybrid rule making. Which of the following would be the appropriate location for publication of the proposed rules?Multiple ChoiceThe Federal RegisterThe Congressilonal RecordThe Agency PeriodicalThe Comment and Review Forum The Congressional Review

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