How would you define or describe the three categories of consumer decision-making behavior: routine response behavior, limited decision making, and extensive decision making? What types of products are typically associated with each of the three categories?

1. Type about a $150+ purchase you’ve made during the last year (can’t be textbooks or tuition).

Now consider the following questions:2. What was the product?

3. What prompted you to believe you needed the product?

4. How did you initially research the product?

5. What thoughts went through your head when deciding what alternatives to research—or whether to research at all?

6. What were some of your purchase criteria? What did you base your evaluation on?

7. What are some other potential influences that affected which product you ultimately purchased? Friends and family? Past behavior? What do you know about the brand?

8. How satisfied were you with the purchase? Would you make the same purchase again? Why or why not?

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