Linear Programming:

Carlo’s International manufactures blue jeans. Three brands are considered: A, B, and C. The manufacture of brand A requires 2 minutes machine time, 30 minutes labor, and costs $7. Brand B requires 2.5 minutes machine time, 40 minutes labor, and costs $10 to produce. Finally brand C, the top of the line, requires 3 minutes machine time, 1 hour labor, and costs $13 to produce. Brand A sells for $12, brand B for $14, and brand C for $20.

The company works on a weekly schedule of 5 days, with two shifts of 7.5 hours (net time) each. It has four machines available for production and 50 employees on each shift. Its weekly manufacturing budget is $10,000. Its declared objective is profit maximization.

a. Formulate the problem as a linear program.

b. Solve the problem (use the computer)

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