As the compensation team at Fresh Munchables develops a new compensation strategy, they begin to consider the impact it will have on company culture. The current culture values high-quality products and high performance from employees but doesn’t necessarily emphasize teamwork or openness.

When it comes to organizational culture fit, which of the following would be the best practice at Fresh Munchables?

  • Consider the cultural elements of quality and employee performance within the total rewards design, because a dramatic paradigm shift will increase the chance of rejection by employees.
  • Build a compensation system that deviates from the emphasis on product quality, because it will help the company reach new strategic goals of decreasing costs and increasing productivity.
  • Integrate norms from companies like Google and SASS, because they apply to most organizations across the board and have proven successful in increasing employee satisfaction.
  • Introduce new cultural norms of teamwork and openness, because this will improve how well a compensation system that includes team-based pay will be received.
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