a) Differentiate between chronological approach and functional approach of writing a Résumé
b) After completion of graduation Mr. Apurbo started his career as a Promotional officer in a company. After five years he shifted his job and Started to work as a Regional Manager in a reputed company.He worked there from 2015 to 2018. Now he is working as an Area Manager of a MNC. Recently he saw an advertisement of a MNC for the post of Director of Marketing Research and now he is planning to apply for the job. In case of preparing the Résumé, what style/approach he should follow and why? Explain.
c) Write the reference using the APA format:
i. Book: Writing With Precision: How to Write So That You Cannot possibly Be Misunderstood by Jefferson D. Bates; Publisher: Penguin Books, New York; 2000 ii. Article in journal: “Chicana Feminism and Postmodern Theory” by Paula M. Moya in Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society, volume 26, issue 2, Winter 2001. University of Chicago Press pp. 28-41

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