Scenario: Identify and briefly describe an example of change leadership. This could be from your workplace, a colleague’s, or a famous case. Next, respond to the following questions:

– What was the nature of that leadership?

– Was the leader trusted?

– Did she/he deserve the trust given?

– What kind of power did the leader use?

– How were the messages about the change conveyed? Were they believable messages?

– Did organizational systems and processes support or, at minimum, not impair the change leader’s messages?

– Was there a sense of continuity between the past and the anticipated future? How was that sense of continuity developed and communicated? What was the impact?

– What can you learn about the impact of the leader on recipients of change as a result of your responses to the above questions?

– What can you learn about the impact of organizational systems and processes on the recipients of change?

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