.which of the following would be considered to be a measure of operational excellence

* Improving company moral

* The time it takes to receive an order by a scheduled delievery time

* Developing new products

* Overall satisfaction

* Converting a disruptive technology into a sustaining technology

19 which of the following best describes an example of anc employee using management information system

  • Im retrieving your fico score
  • Im entering payroll timesheets
  • Im generating the financial statements for this quarter
  • Im recording a goods recipt transaction a transaction for the recipt for goods into inventory


Which of the following statements defines the term E business

  • Buying and selling of physical good on internet
  • Using digital technology and the internet to implement common business process
  • Using management information system
  • Using consultants to compete projects

25: which of the following is an example of disruptive technology

  • Enterprise resource palnning system
  • Wikipedia
  • Trasnaction processions system
  • The introduction of cellular telephone
  • Electricity
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