Considering both Hofstede’s cultural dimensions and the variables which comprise decision making, which of the following would best characterise a busy manager of a small business enterprise from the UK, when making decisions for a high value, capital item?

Select one:


The decision will be made by the manager alone, without consultation from staff. The Manager will not waste time collecting information, and is more likely to use intuition.


The manager is most likely to delegate analysis and ask his staff to assist in making the decision. The manager will consume the available time in making the decision.


The manager will spend a significant amount of time analysing alternatives. The decision will be rational, and will take some time, this will appear as procrastination. The manager is unlikely to consult colleagues.


The manager would prefer to take personal responsibility for the decision, but as a result, will arrive at an early answer. The decision will be rational, because the manager will be careful to explore all options.

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