A close friend has shared that she’s thinking of quitting her secure, well-paid job to travel the world:

“I just don’t want to spend my whole life staring at a computer screen. I don’t wanna dream about what I want to do, I want to just go out there and DO IT! I have my whole life to be stuck in a job, when I have commitments and family and mortgage and what not. I’m free now, I should use this time!”

Which response is most likely to create negative feelings?

Select one:


Wouldn’t everyone like to do that… but most people don’t – and there’s a reason, right?


Are you sure quitting is the best way though? What about leave-without-pay or something?


Isn’t it a waste? After all the time and effort – and money – you’ve spent studying and working hard to get where you are?


I thought of doing that too, but I know I’d regret it later.

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