FUBAR is a Canadian producer of software solutions for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. FUBAR has been looking into internationalizing parts of its value creation chain of activities. They have engaged the services of a consulting firm to identify which activities would be the best to locate outside of Canada. The consultants have recommended three software developers in Bangalore, India that that could provide programming services at a fraction of what it is currently costing FUBAR in Canada. The consultants have also found that there is a high level of demand in Europe for precisely the kinds of programs FUBAR sells.

Of the following value chain activities, which would FUBAR most likely internationalize if it decided to source software from one of the Indian firms?

Select one:
a. distribution
b. marketing
c. research and development
d. procurement

From the following list of nations, select the one which would be most representative of a high degree of collectivism.

Select one:
a. Canada
b. Ireland
c. China
d. Australia
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