our team works for a restaurant chain that is planning to open a restaurant in your area. The district regional manager wants to know more about the competition. Are the competitive restaurants excellent? Or is there room for a good new restaurant in the neighborhood? As a team, choose three restaurants in the area and observe each restaurant at least three times within the next two weeks. Vary the day of the week and the time of day for each visit. During each visit, observe and collect data on the appearance of the restaurant, how many customers entered during that time period, the length of wait to place an order, the length of wait to receive an order, the quality of service, and the quality of food. During each visit, make a qualitative judgment about how happy the customers seem to be, and support your judgment with specific observations. At the end of the two-week observation period, prepare a slide presentation to deliver to your district manager, evaluating the competition and making recommendations about how your new restaurant can provide better service than the competitive restaurants you have studied. If your instructor asks you to make this presentation in class, practice in advance, working on all the delivery skills you learned in SQ 3 of this chapter. Your instructor may ask classmates to provide you with feedback on your presentation delivery.


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