Question 2: [30 Marks) A toy manufacturer is introducing a new model of toy car and needs to balance the process for its new assembly line, given the following task times and precedence relationships. Assume that for this production line the working time is ten (10) hours per day and daily output rate is 3,600 units of the toy car. Immediate Predecessor Time (Seconds) 6 Task A B ? 5 A A 4 D 3 B E 4 ? F 7 ? 2 UI 8 E D, F, G F,H 1 8 8 Answer the following questions: a. Draw the precedence graph of the above production process. [4 marks] b. Assign tasks to workstations by using the decision rule of the greatest number of followers. In case of a tie, use the tiebreaker of assigning the task with the longest task time. [16 marks] c. Determine the efficiency of the design of the product layout obtained from item (b). [3 marks] d. Draw the product layout. [3 marks] e. If the toy manufacturer wishes to keep the current design of the product layout and improve the daily output rate by 10%, is it feasible and how? [4 marks]
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