Brands not only communicate your business and/or product, they build emotional connections, play a vital role in customer loyalty, and create the personality. Use the following questions to help guide your thought process in developing your own brand. (Consider terms such as: Developing a brand position, competitive frame of reference and competitive advantage, the industry, identifying points-of-difference and points-of-parity, brand mantra, monitoring competition, brand equity)

  • Skills/Strengths: Which of the super skills you identified would you like to showcase or which skill was missing that you’d like to build? Are there strengths builders you have used in the past to help you identify your strengths?
  • Values: Look at your values. Which cause(s) might connect with those values?
  • Passions: Think about your passions. Think about what type of cause might connect with those passions. What organizations may align with those causes?
  • Goals: What is your goal for an internship or the job you would like to have when you graduate?
  • Purpose: What might move you toward your internal vision for the future?
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