Tinker v. Des Moines Community School District, 393 U.S. 503 (1969)

1. State the names of the plaintiff and defendant, the volume number, page number and name of the reporter, and the court that decided the case.

2. Describe the facts of the case.

3. What was the cause of action?

4. What was the court’s disposition of the case?

5. What was the purpose of wearing black armbands to school?

6. What First Amendment right did the plaintiffs feel was violated?

7. Was the conduct of the plaintiff’s passive or aggressive? Why would this be important in deciding the outcome of the case?

8. Was fear or apprehension of a disturbance enough to justify the school’s actions in making the students remove their armbands? Why? Do you agree?

9. Do students have constitutional rights? Why is this important?

10. Under what circumstances might it have been permissible for the school to regulate student’s expression?

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