After submitting an offer to purchase to the seller, the buyers informed their broker that they changed their mind, the Realtor must

a.) Inform the sellers broker immediately

b.) Forfeit any earnest money to the seller

c.) Forfeit any earnest money to the broker’s sales agent

d.) Direct the seller to terminate the purchase agreement

A Real Estate licensee who is selling the license

a.) List in property w/ the licensee’s Real Estate company

b.) Disclose the licensee’s ownership status to the licensee’s Managing Broker

c.) Advertise the property in the name of the licensee’s Managing Broker

d.) Disclose the interest in the property to potential buyers when showing the property

A Real Estate licensee accepting employment on the basis that the licensee receives a set price is

a.) Incompetent Real Estate practice

b.) A violation of the statute of frauds

c.) A valid compensation policy

d.) Compliance w/ uniform standards of professional appraisal practice

A broker has been hired to appraise

a.) Arrive at the same estimated market value as the certified Real Estate appraiser

b.) Adhere to the uniform standards of professional appraisal practice

c.) Accept a fee only if the estimated by value is the same or higher as the purchase agreement

d.) Notify the lender immediately if the value reached is lower than the purchase price

A broker receives an offer to purchase on one of her listings while on vacation out of the country

a.) Have the buyer’s agent present the offer

b.) Communicate the offer to the seller immediately

c.) Appoint their branch manager to present the offer

d.) Have all offers sent directly to the seller

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