Additional Problem 03-01 (Algo) Compute a three-period moving average forecast given demand for shopping carts for the last five periods. (Round all your answers to two decimal points.) Period Demand 1 47 2 45 3 49 4 46 5 52 at nces Forecast Period 4 Forecast Period 5 Forecast Perod 6 If actual demand in period 6 turns out to be 46. the moving average forecast for period 7 would be Forecast Period 7
Additional Problem 03-02 (Algo) Given the following demand data, Period Demand 2 3 4 47 45 49 46 52 a. Compute a weighted average forecast using a weight of 0.4 for the most recent period. 0.3 for the next most recent 0.2 for the next, and 01 for the next (Round all your answers to two decimal points.) Forecast Period 5 Forecast Period 6 b. If the actual demand for period 6 is 46, forecast demand for period 7 using the same weights as in porta Forecast Perod
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