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Imagine that you are a manager in a local

restaurant. There are many restaurants in town, making it a competitive business. You recognise that providing high quality, friendly service and having actively engaged employees is going to make the difference between your restaurant’s success and failure. Your management team decides to first address organisational citizenship and employee engagement as drivers of high-quality customer service.

Task Requirements

First, think about what your restaurant can do to enhance the engagement and citizenship behaviours of your employees. Your management team next decides that it will be important

to minimise dysfunctional employee behaviours if the restaurant is to succeed. Second, identify some dysfunctional behaviours that should be minimised. Third, think about what your restaurant can do to minimise the occurrence of these destructive behaviours.


identify your top three suggestions/recommendations for the

restaurant to succeed.

Provide Evidence to Support your Responses So far, you have written your responses about what you have read and learnt. The next step is to find a minimum of six peer-reviewed academic articles which provide evidence/support the main ideas you have determined from your reading

Write your Response/Comprehension

• Write an introduction (describe the purpose of the essay and the main points you will be covering).

• Compose 3-4 body paragraphs (minimum 300 words each).

• Write a conclusion.

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