A clothing manufacturer is planning to offer 2 clothing sizes to its potential customers. Suppose that the manufacturer has the bust, waist, and hips measures of all its 6 customers: C1= (37, 31, 40), C2= (35, 29, 38), C3= (33, 24, 34), C4= (36, 28, 40), C5= (41, 33, 44), C6= (33, 24, 36). The manufacturer wants to apply k-means clustering technique to determine the 2 optimal production sizes and what size to offer to each of the 6 customers.

Suppose that the initial centroids are C3 and C5. Please run the k-means algorithm for ONE iteration and report: (1) the 2 optimal production sizes in bust, waist, and hips; (2) which of the two sizes to offer to each of the 6 customers based on the results obtained after one iteration.

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