There are factors that influence our emotional development. One of these is:

Group of answer choices


apologizing too much

focus on trivialities



Which of the following styles is most effective for managing your emotions:

Group of answer choices

Suppressing your emptions

capitulating to your emotions.

overexpressing your emotions.

accommodating your emotions


The employee-customer profit chain theory states that:

Group of answer choices

the attitude of employees has no direct affect on the profitability of companies.

employees that constantly deal with customers are drained of positive feelings and the company’s profits go down.

expressing emotions to customers in a way that is uncomfortable will increase the profits of the company.

If the company keeps its employees happy then those employees will provide better service to customers and the customers will buy more from the company.


Which of the following is a way of providing positive reinforcement to employees:

Group of answer choices

Recognizing employees for work well done.

deducting money from the employee’s paycheck for mistakes made.

informing everyone in the company when a person makes a mistake.

All of the above


One danger about self-disclosure is that:

Group of answer choices

Self-disclosure can improve communications.

Self disclosure can help repair damaged relationships.

self disclosure can encourage self-disclosure in the other person.

We can sometimes over-disclose information in a way that is not appropriate.


One of the positive emotions that can build positive energy and happiness is Pride. In this context “Pride” means:

Group of answer choices

pride in what you have been able to achieve.

pride in thinking you are better than those around you.

pride in never taking responsibility for mistakes.

None of the above


In the field of positive psychology, “flow” is characterized by:

Group of answer choices

fits and starts in understanding the emotions of others.

draining our minds and hearts of all emotion.

complete absorption in a task that elicits a deep feeling of enjoyment.

removing any need for self-disclosure.


Flextime includes all of the following scheduling arrangements EXCEPT:

Group of answer choices

Compressed workweek

Working onsite during regular hours with no flexibility.

PTO Banks

Job sharing


Sexual Harassment in the work place takes two forms. One of these is quid pro quo situations. The other is:

Group of answer choices

Maintaining a hostile work environment

Maintaining a salubrious work environment

Maintaining a creative work environment

Maintaining a precocious work environment


The way we choose to earn, save, and spend our money determines, to a large measure, the quality of our lives.

Group of answer choices




Your Non-Financial resources include:

Group of answer choices

Good physical and mental health

Your education and training

Ability to set time apart for leisure activities

None of the above



Group of answer choices

is a law that bans discrimination based on age

is a law that bans discrimination based on gender

is a law that bans discrimination based on religion

is a law that bans discrimination based on disability or handicap.

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