Girls Schooling Problem in Eastern Anatolia

Girls’ education is a significant in some parts of Turkey. Because of the social and cultural norms around the patriarchal tradition, low-income families had to choose between educating their boys and girls. Girls were considered and associated with the private sphere responsibilities such as cooking, cleaning and care responsibilities (child and elderly care). There was gender parity in basic education from 20 to 35 % in some cities such as Malatya, Elazig and Sanliurfa and this gap increased to 30 to 40% in secondary education. Ministry of National Education (MoNE) organized a stakeholder workshop attended by municipalities and local NGOs and they identified two main challenges that hinders girls’ participation to secondary schools. These were lack of access to hygienic sanitary products for girls and domestic care responsibility to look after siblings as parents work in farms. After this workshop, Elazig Municipality decided to apply for an EU-grant to address the problem of hygienic sanitary pads for secondary school girls, thereby increasing their schooling. You are an official working in Elazig Municipality and you were given the task of preparing the project. In this case, your tasks are:

Identify the problem (i.e. by drawing a problem tree).

Develop a project to tackle this problem (identify the target groups and stakeholders)

Decide on your partners

Set up your activities

Your answers should be around 400-450 words.

Your answer cannot exceed 500 words.

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