Of late, hundreds and thousands of tourists are seen thronging to hill stations to get some respite from every day’s hustle and bustle, and also another reason being
somewhat stable Covid situation in the country. However, last weekend, as many as 4,000 vehicles that were on their way to Mussoorie and Nainital were sent back by
Uttarakhand Police. Why? Looks like people need to learn the lesson the hard way! This harsh drive by the administration comes as the state government announced
strict COVID-19 protocols to prevent the tourist destinations from being overcrowded amid the coronavirus third wave scare. Uttarakhand Police has set up additional checkpoints
and barricades on the roads that lead to famous tourist spots in the state. “A clear message has been given to the tourists that if they are coming to Uttarakhand, RT-PCR test,
registration, and a prior hotel booking are mandatory for everyone,” Uttarakhand Police Headquarters spokesperson DIG told. The DIG appealed to the tourists coming to
Uttarakhand not to just visit Mussoorie and Nainital. He said there are more tourist places in the state and the tourists should explore different places in the state
to avoid unnecessary crowding at one place. He added that tourists without registration, RT-PCR test and hotel booking will not be allowed to enter the state. At present,
the state has 1,094 active COVID-19 cases, as per the Union Health Ministry. Besides, on Monday, as per the reports, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) stated that
the “the third wave is inevitable and imminent” and asked the central and state governments to control mass gatherings.PM Modi, who was meeting chief ministers of the
Northeast states amid concerns of rising Covid-19 cases, said: “It is true that tourism and business have been greatly affected due to coronavirus. But today, I will
say very emphatically, that it is not okay to have huge crowds in hill stations, markets without wearing masks. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday called out
mask-less tourists flocking to hill stations in huge numbers and those crowding markets, saying the third wave of coronavirus would hit the country “when we invite it”
Q1 Using the Gap model, explain problem in terms of tourism service and how it can be rectfied?8 M
Q2 Is there an issue of demand and supply in the
above case, How can we control. Make all necessary assumption?
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