During the workplace visit, your assessor will be looking to see that you can: ? Identify customer requirements for two different internal and two different external customer requirements ? Anticipate, determine and confirm customer preferences, needs and expectations by using effective communication, active listening and questioning techniques. ? Advise customers of products and services that meet their needs. ? Promptly provide products and services to customers within designated timeframes. ? Provide a professional yet personalised service to customers to encourage repeat business. ? Use software to access and analyse customer information. ? Offer your customers extras and add-ons, tailor made and/or additional services based on their customer profile. ? Check actioning of any special requests made before customer delivery. ? Liaise with your team members and suppliers to provide services. ? Share information about customers with team members. ? Maintain customer profiles to enhance service delivery. ? Implement and monitor your workplace’s customer service practices as outlined in their policies and procedures. ? Act as a positive role model for professional service standards expected. ? Seek formal and informal feedback from staff and customers to improve performance of self and business.

    1. Discuss how you offer customers alternative products and or services, if the one they want is not available or they are not happy to wait. Provide an example.
  • Student satisfactorily discussed how they sell additional products and or services in place of chosen one and provided an example of this. For example, we are fully booked for this tour on those dates, but could I offer you a fantastic offer we have at the moment on a day trip to So and so Island?
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