When we talked about Bills of Material in class, we referred to Bills Awesome A speaker as an example. Let us pretend that Bill offers a $10.00 trade-in credit on the return of his Awesome A that can be put toward the purchase of an Awesome A 2020. Bill then disassembles the Awesome As to reclaim the Ds and Es. The Ds and Es contain precious material that are used in other electronic and electrical equipment made by Bills form. The customer saves money, Balls firm saves money and the products are mot dumped into a landful What Bars form is doing is an example of O segment customers based on need O 3-D printing o the sustainability approach of reuse omni-channel retailing Question 14 slats Which is not a factor that has contributed to the growth of intermodal transportation? O All of the above are correct. The development of standardized containers. The implementation of TMS systems. The replacement of TOFC service with “Plexy-back service
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